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Seth Browning is a celebrity trainer, bootcamp instructor, fitness personality, and one of the most sought-after personal trainers in Hollywood.

Browning emphasizes total body & core training, mind/body awareness, as well as holistic nutrition and strategic supplementation. The results are fast & dramatic body transformations.

Seth offers:

Train With Seth

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Matthew Cogswell Art Director April 22, 2016

Seth Browning’s focused approach to exercise yields fast & proven results with dramatic transformations.
Part of his methods include a merging of gratitude, visualization and natural remedies, unlocking his clients’ ability to experience long term results through a sustainable lifestyle of health and fitness. Browning also takes his clients to the next level with a cutting edge nutritional plan.

Clients can train with Seth on a 1-1 basis, by phone or email (allowing clients across the country to benefit from Browning’s experience) or they can have him consult with them to set them on a diet and nutritional path that will benefit them in their own personal fitness journey.

Design a tailored lifestyle that works for you!